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The Urban Fantastic

An urban fantasy roleplay dressing room

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Name:The Urban Fantastic: An Urban Fantasy Crossover Dr
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Community description:A role-playing community for fans of urban fantasy
Beneath the surface of every city, darkness lurks. While most of the world is content to pretend that superstitions and the idea of faeries has passed them by since The Enlightenment, there are those who know that gods and monsters of old haven't faded away just because mankind has collectively waded neck-deep into denial.

And they are all that stand between the peaceful world of science and soccer moms and the days of humans cowering from the things hiding in the dark.

They call themselves a lot of things. Hunters. Slayers. Wizards. Gatekeepers. And they can be found anywhere, in a hidden pub in the heart of the city, in dark alleys, even just having lunch in a neighborhood diner. But one thing is certain about them. They know that the world is more than it seems...


Urban Fantastic is a role-playing dressing room for fans of urban fantasy. A fan of Supernatural curious to see how the Winchesters would react to Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Always wondered how Anita Blake would react to Selene of Underworld? Or maybe you've wanted a Harry Dresden and October Daye team-up since the books were published. Urban Fantastic is the place to satisfy your crossover needs.

No applications are necessary to join, and it is more than likely that your character will meet himself or herself in this place. How your character reacts to other urban fantasy characters is up to you. AUs and OCs are welcome. (For reference, a non-comprehensive list of what constitutes Urban Fantasy can be found here.)

The rules of Urban Fantastic are simple:
1) Do Unto Others - Don't like people being a jerk to you and modding your characters without permission? Don't do it to them.

2) Everything has Consequences - Everything your characters do in Urban Fantastic affects other characters. If your young!Castiel's being an ass, don't be surprised if older!Buffy comes to beat him down.

3) OOC =/= IC - Just because you play Nicodemus doesn't mean you are an evil fallen angel in real life (we hope). And just because your character hates somebody else's doesn't give you permission to harrass the other mun. Know that a line exists between In-Character interactions and Out of Character interactions. Don't cross it.

4) The Path of Least Moderation - The mod of Urban Fantastic has a life outside of RP (albeit, a small one), and would prefer if you try to resolve your problems with other players before contacting the mod. The mod will step in if necessary, but we all prefer not to have the Hand of God come in and smack us around, don't we?

5) Label Everything - Want to RP smut in Urban Fantastic? As long as the characters involved are not underaged, feel free. But, do us all a favour and label your smut appropriately and stick it behind a cut. Nobody wants a dressing room to get them fired.


Come, join us.
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